Oliva Metal Studio is a design and fabrication studio run by Jessica Huber.

The name Oliva comes from Jessica's great-grandfather Frank Oliva.  She discovered that Frank was a maker during her time at Iowa State University, where she received her BFA in Art & Design with an emphasis in woodworking & metalsmithing. Her father saw her appreciation for craftsmanship and was inspired to refinish a rocking chair that Frank had made and hand it down to her.  The level of craftsmanship & technique that went into making the chair has always stuck with Jessica.  

She now focuses on creating pieces that are inspired by techniques she has learned over the years.  Her current work starts with a simple technique known as dapping, which brings dimension to the flat shapes that she cuts out.  These shapes are then soldered together to create pieces with multiple layers of depth.  The master piece is then sent to a local caster.  Back at the studio the cast components are combined or used on their own to create earrings, necklaces, cuffs & rings.  The three-dimensional qualities are emphasized by oxidizing each piece then tumbling them to reveal most of their original finish.




Jessica's great-grandfather Frank Oliva